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Digital trader launches the super application’s component BYTE on March 25

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Digital trader launches the super application’s component BYTE on March 25

March 31
10:00 2020

In 2020, the Global Digital Application concept is changing at a high speed.  From previous applications, to the current smart protocols, to the overall economic model, if we don’t learn today, our advantage will be lost yesterday. If we react slowly to new things, others will come first.  And effective grasp of information will make people always one step ahead.

The BYTE Non Application Protocol Center is one of the components of The Digital Trader Super Application. It is the most ingenious Super Application and is the first in the world to launch a “Non Application Protocol”. This will change the current economic model, allowing newcomers to navigate the fast-changing market with zero risk and everyone can prosper in every market.

The Professional Team behind The BYTE Non Application Protocol Center including expertise from Finance, Economic, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence. They can timely prepare BYTE Protocols according to market changes for users to choose and activate.  The Professional Team do all the all the survey & analysis, making the market judgments, and handle the complex transaction. This will make BYTE Protocol an essence of top wisdom.

And its greatest highlight is “Non-Application Protocol”, that is, risk-free protocols. There is a protection mechanism promoted by the BYTE Protocol Center. It provides 100% capital protection for each BYTE protocol.  In the Non-Application Protocol model, a variety of operating techniques and other operations are combined to make progresses regardless of market fluctuations.

At the same time, The BYTE protocol’s business is focus on the International Exchanges around the world.  The Professional will be using the BYTE system which has gather the latest market big data + intelligent cloud AI summary data to formulate in line with the current business strategy, and distributed AI robots to conduct transactions through the API provided by the exchange, thereby ensuring timely and accurate transactions.  Protocol indicators are displayed in the protocol center.

Nevertheless, the biggest advantage of this BYTE Protocol is to free up your time and energy. As long as your protocol is activated, no matter whether you are concerned about the market or not, whether you are working or on holiday, the BYTE protocol is continuously bringing good news for you.

BYTE Non-Application Protocol Center launched on March 25, 2020

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