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Meet Arjun Dhingra; Mortgage Lender, Coach, and Enthusiastic Mentor

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Meet Arjun Dhingra; Mortgage Lender, Coach, and Enthusiastic Mentor

March 12
04:09 2021
Meet Arjun Dhingra; Mortgage Lender, Coach, and Enthusiastic Mentor

Arjun Dhingra has been a mortgage advisor for twenty years, but he didn’t choose to get into the industry. “I think most people in mortgage lending today would say the same thing and were never looking to get into this field, specifically. But staying in it?  The inspiration has been the people and lives I get to impact.” It was the kind of job he fell into, but when he did he fell in love. “I have stuck with it and been motivated by being completely focussed on helping as many families as I can.  My work creates an immediate but lasting impact on a family’s financial picture, and so there is great consequence to what I do.  I have to be sharp and locked into helping serve people’s best interest (no pun intended!).”

There aren’t nearly as many mortgage advisors as there were before 2008, but Dhingra has a unique advantage. “I am the co-head coach for Team USA in TaeKwon-Do. I am different from others in my professional space because of my coaching background, I feel it’s what clearly separates me to a consumer… The fact that I am a coach in my personal life and the synergies between that and what I do here in lending are so overlapping.  The responsibilities, although different, are just as big and momentous. I take that honor very seriously and wear it as a badge of motivation to press on and do more.”

The similarities between a coach and an advisor make them often indistinguishable, which makes it easy for Dhingra to tap into his element when advising families. “Its a familiar or parallel crossover from my coaching background because I am helping lead my athletes to a “promise land” of sorts and guiding people through the process of ownership is not too different.  So I tap into that same energy to keep motivated and focussed on helping people.” That kind of passion for his craft is why Dhingra is excited to meet new clients and show them how they can save money and prepare for the future. “I am a big advocate for the consumer and first time buyer, preaching financial literacy around mortgages through guidance and education. Consumer behavior in real estate and lending is not programmed to ask the right questions and seek the correct strategy for themselves, so that is what I push back against and help towards every day.”

Dhingra learned a thing or two from all of his time in the mortgage lending industry, including that the real challenge of business ownership is not starting one but nurturing the one you started as it grows and struggles. “It’s staying IN business and outlasting others that you compete with that is the hard part.  When I got started 20 years ago, the financial crisis of 2008 helped thin out my industry and real estate tremendously.  The last 10 years have caused another run up and I believe we are close to another moment of ‘purging’ in our space. Those comments are when we see who is built to stay and who was just here for the party.”

Dhingra has proven himself to be a long-term player through his passion and resilience. Check here to see if he can help you make the right choices for the future of your home and finances.

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