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Christopher Salute “That Professor” Provides Solutions

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Christopher Salute “That Professor” Provides Solutions

October 29
14:56 2021
That Professor Lives

“You can’t grow if you’re afraid to admit your mistakes,” says Certified Life and Relationship Coach, Dr. Christopher Salute. 

Dr. Christopher Salute, Former Editor In Chief, Bold Magazine and fabUplus Magazine is pivoting to help you find the solutions you probably don’t know you need. 

“What’s your addiction?” he asks. “That’s what I ask all of my clients when we first meet.” 

It’s been nearly 3 years since Salute began making changes to curb his addictions. 

“Carbs and Affection are my addictions,” he says. “Eventually, I’ll get around to writing that book. But, for now… I’m happy to help folks recognize the hurt they feel and cause through their addictions. Then, make the changes needed to move on in growth mindset.” 

Salute is excited to offer life, relationship, and dating coaching to folks in all industries from teachers to influencers to other coaches. 

“You wouldn’t believe who I get to work with. It’s so much fun working with folks in all areas and facets of life.” 

And, they are priced for everyone. From a premium snapchat (find him at @thatprofess0r) to an only fans page specifically for coaching clients. Coaching “lite” runs at $10 per month, while full life coaching sessions range from $75 for a single session to $250 for a monthly subscription. 

And what makes Salute a great coach? He likes to sum up his experiential methodology with the following quote by Steve Martin in 1992’s Leap of Faith: 

“…if you wanna give up the bottle, who you gonna talk to? Someone who’s never touched a drop? … If you wanna give up sin – and I believe everyone here tonight wants to give up sin – who can lead you?” 

Salute has worked in Banking, Advertising, Academia, and has even been an Uber driver, food service worker, and cook. He has spent a combined 7 years in radio, as well. He’s been married, divorced, engaged, had successful relationships, and even been cancelled for his life of promiscuity. 

“Look,” says Salute. “I’ve been there. And, if I haven’t, it’s okay. I’ve been somewhere else. We’ll get through your life’s path together. Nothing is more fulfilling than helping others. I think it’s the most selfish job someone can have.” 

Salute’s History

Dr. Christopher Salute is both a digital marketing and human development expert with experience ranging from KBC Bank to Yahoo! Inc. to Clearchannel Broadcasting.

Salute has spent the last 10 years in academia as a non-traditional Dean/Asst. Dean Nd Professor, rebranding and recruiting for small Universities through new programs and inclusion as well as owning and operating the largest plus size media brand in the world, which includes Bold Magazine, fabUplus Magazine, and Strutter Magazine. 

Salute has been single (married once, engaged twice) for about 5 years. Dr. Christopher Salute graduated from Siena College in 2006 (Psychology/Business/Writing/Communication) and earned his MBA from Molloy College in 2008. He earned is PhD in Organizational Psychology from Hofstra University in 2015.

Who Needs a Coach? 

Christopher Salute stays Bold with his new companies “That Professor Life Coaching” and “Bold Solutions.” 

A natural educator, Salute brings his 10+ years of being a professor to the coaching world. 

Salute has also developed two new courses for you:

Second Chance Attraction – Designed to help you find what fuels you and reverse negative trends and patterns. You didn’t ruin your life. You ruined one moment of it. Own it. Breathe. And, try again. Like Las Vegas, the city of second chances, You can attract the energy you deserve. 

The “Rewire” – We have conditioned ourselves to lose, even when we think we’re winning. You may need a rewire to figure out where you’re self sabotaging and change up your thought process. Thoughts will create behaviors and behaviors will create results. 

Whether you struggle with personal relationships, work, income, spending habits, drugs and alcohol, addictions, dating, confidence, temperment, friendships, organization, sustainability, or whatever other challenges you can find… Salute wants to teach you how to find peace through faith, facing your fear, and feeling the accountability and power to influence your life that you have and deserve. 

For more information: 

Dr. Christopher Salute, MBA, Ph.D. 

Bold Solutions / That Professor Life 

[email protected]


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