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Based on high-frequency transactions, COTP exchange leads the reform of high-frequency transaction mode

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Based on high-frequency transactions, COTP exchange leads the reform of high-frequency transaction mode

January 18
21:17 2022

To enhance the inclusiveness of financial services and improve efficiency and security of payment, more and more countries have accelerated the research and layout of their own digital currencies. In the future, digital currency will play an important role in people’s daily transactions, the international monetary system, the financial system and the mode of economic development. In addition, COTP is sparing no efforts o build a COTP exchange, hoping to give more value to digital currency transaction through high-frequency transaction mode and make the development of the industry more promising.

Based on high-frequency transactions, COTP exchange leads the reform of high-frequency transaction mode

In recent years, the excessive issuance of money has led to increased inflation, frequent security crises of third-party payments, and the gradual maturity of block chain technology, which led to the appearance of decentralized digital currencies such as bit coin, Ethereum and Ruibo currency. Digital currency has the characteristics and advantages of low transaction cost, fast transaction speed, high anonymity and fixed currency quantity, which is also the reason why digital currency has been widely welcomed by markets of the globe. According to coin map data, nearly 20000 businesses around the world have accepted bit coin, among which Turkey, Argentina and other countries with unstable economy have high business acceptance; Followed by more developed countries and regions such as North America and the European Union.

Simultaneously, the richer the usage scenarios of digital currency, the higher the user acceptance. Currently, various scenarios such as shopping consumption, salary payment, transportation, travel, takeout settlement and tuition payment have been covered by the use of digital currency, which has also brought a wider range of consumers. Overall, the number of users of digital currency still accounts for a small part, but the number is growing. At present, there is a utilization rate of more than 10% in 20 countries around the world.

With the rapid development of digital currency, digital currency transaction platform and institutions engaged in high-frequency transactions have been playing a more critical role.The main function of digital currency transaction platform is to match digital currency transactions, serving as the main place for digital currency transactions and circulation. Currently, there are more than 1500 digital currency exchanges around the world. In addition to the transaction platform providing transaction and circulation places for digital currencies, high-frequency transaction institutions have shouldered the business role of market makers and investment banks from the traditional perspective.

As a model focusing on currency transaction and high-frequency transaction, COTP exchange has been deeply developing the high-frequency transaction of digital currency, it has built the first high-frequency transaction digital exchange in the world, and created a new wealth space for both users and investors in the globe. The core of COTP high-frequency transaction is to complete thousands of purchasing and selling transactions at a microsecond speed before the buyer and the seller carry out transactions. For individuals or institutions who want to obtain high benefits in the digital currency transaction market through high-frequency transaction, COTP high-frequency transaction mode is an example that can referred to.

COTP exchange is providing intelligent high-frequency transaction services to users all over the world. In the high-frequency transaction mode of COTP , no matter whether the market is bull market or bear market, whether there are large market fluctuations or stable market, as long as there is a matching transaction, there must be a price difference, so that the small interest difference between purchase and sale orders in milliseconds will be collected and processed by the high-frequency technology,  ensuring the stable revenue for customers by its fast processing all day long.

Simultaneously, efficiency and security beyond the financial level can be achieved through strict standards and multiple risk control system services.

As an innovator and leader in the high-frequency transaction platform, COTP exchange has become a dark horse in the field of digital currency exchange, leading users of the globe to explore a shortcut out of the bear market, so that more people can obtain the opportunity to maximize value they can obtain through the new transaction mode.

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