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High waterproof industrial connectors are the key guarantee for the connection of marine equipment

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High waterproof industrial connectors are the key guarantee for the connection of marine equipment

April 29
20:48 2022


Ship transportation not only requires the adaptability of personnel, but also the adaptability of ship equipment. Salt spray resistance, waterproof, anti-vibration, shock resistance, flame retardant and other requirements are the core requirements of ship equipment. Only this can ensure the reliability of ship equipment in water navigation. Cnlinko YM series industrial waterproof connectors,male female connector have the characteristics of high waterproof, high corrosion resistance, strong vibration resistance, impact resistance, high flame retardancy, strong durability, lightness and flexibility, etc. It is a solid guarantee for the highly reliable connection of marine equipment.

Ship equipment related to electricity accounts for most of the ship, such as generators, switchboards, refrigeration, air conditioning equipment and automatic control systems, etc., which are the core parts of the ship operation. Since most ships sail in rivers and oceans, it is particularly important to ensure the high reliability and high tolerance of the power connection and signal connection of the above-mentioned ship equipment in harsh environments. According to Cnlinko types of connectors, plug and socket connectors are generally used in the marine industry to provide reliable connection guarantees. Cnlinko YM series industrial male female connectors have the characteristics of high waterproof, high corrosion resistance, strong vibration and impact resistance, high flame resistance, durability, lightness and flexibility, highly recommended. High-performance and cost-effective professional connection solutions for marine equipment.

In the application of marine equipment, Cnlinko has a large number of mature application cases. Among them, YM24 industrial cable connector types and wire connector types power connectors with different cores are used to provide power connection and transmission for various equipment on ships, which can meet the power transmission requirements of different levels such as 25A, 10A and 5A; YM24 series of RJ45 connectors and multi-core signal connectors are responsible for transmitting control signals for control equipment and electrical equipment to ensure that other equipment on the ship work normally.


YM24 power and signal connectors for marine equipment


YM24 product family

So what are the outstanding advantages and characteristics of the above-mentioned YM series waterproof connector in the application of marine equipment?

1. High water resistance, no fear of liquid

For marine equipment, the possibility of direct intrusion of water into  is extremely high, and the high humidity environment also affect the connectors. So high waterproof is the core requirement of marine equipment, including connectors. Cnlinko YM series male female connector are designed with a comprehensive multi-layer and multi-channel tight waterproof structure. The socket and the box, the plug and the socket, the plug and the cable all adopt the sealing structure, and the automatic dispensing waterproof process is adopted inside, so that the YM series waterproof level can reach to IP65 or higher. Optional IP67 or IP68, fully meet the waterproof requirements of the connector during the navigation of marine equipment;


2. Outstanding resistance to salt spray corrosion

Corrosion resistance is a long-term concern for ships sailing at sea for many years, because seawater contains a lot of salt substances, which are extremely corrosive to equipment. Cnlinko YM series cable connector are made of PBT outdoor engineering plastic material, which makes YM extremely resistant to salt spray corrosion. It can ensure the high reliability of the connector in the sea;

3、Strong power and signal connection performance

Cnlinko Electric YM series socket connector use high-grade copper alloys for contacts, and are supplemented with nickel-based gold-plated surface treatment to ensure long-term stability of contact resistance even if the insertion and removal frequency is high, and will not affect the electrical performance of transmission. YM series wire connectors and network connector have strong connection and transmission performance, which can ensure the power connection of electrical equipment on the ship and the signal conduction of control equipment and make electrical equipment to be more efficient, more stable and more reliable;

4、Light, flexible and durable

YM series industrial waterproof connectors, the main body is made of outdoor engineering plastic material, which is lighter and more convenient to use than metal materials. High strength PBT plastic, strong, durable, and has a longer life in the use of marine equipment.

Ship transportation is the most important way of ocean and inland water transportation, and it is also the recommended transportation solution for global bulk cargo circulation. As an important carrier of ocean and inland water transportation, ship is a large-scale equipment composed of various ship equipment and other electrical equipment. A large number of various types of power and signal connectors is the key to ensure its stable and reliable operation. Cnlinko, as a global brand manufacturer of waterproof connectors, is deeply fancied by users in all walks of life for its high-quality, high-performance, cost-effective products and integrated solutions. Cnlinko will also continue to empower the development of the ship building and shipping industry with its strong technical strength and supply capabilities.

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