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Korea’s K-Lava Salt, A Premium Alkaline Bamboo Salt, Unveils its eCommerce Store

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Korea’s K-Lava Salt, A Premium Alkaline Bamboo Salt, Unveils its eCommerce Store

June 18
08:21 2022
K-Lava Salt is Korea’s number one bamboo salt that promises to provide immense health benefits to consumers. Simply choose K-LAVA SALT for your health.

South Korea – K-Lava Bamboo Salt, a premium alkaline salt from Korea, announces the launch of its eCommerce Store, as it seeks to expand its footprints in global markets. K-Lava Salt is a flagship product of Insanga (legal name as Insan Inc, KOSDAG-Listed Company), the home of Bamboo Salt with a presence in Korea and Japan. The rollout of its online store supports K-Lava’s mission to save the world by saving people through bringing its premium salt to global consumers who seek both health and taste.

“We are thrilled to launch our online store that will bring our pioneering healthful products within the reach of consumers across the globe,” says Yoonse Kim, CEO of Insanga. “In addition to our premium salt products, consumers can also buy hair products, soap, and toothpaste that is made with this finest bamboo salt. Our mission is to bring the benefits of this excellent product to every individual anywhere in the world.”

K-Lava Bamboo Salt is the brainchild of Dr. Insan Il-Hoon Kim, who developed this indigenous product. His son Yoonse Kim published a book titled ‘Holy Medicine’ in 1986 which sold almost a million copies in Korea. This book revealed ‘Insan medicine’, the wisdom of naturopathy from his father Dr. Insan. The book also introduced how to make 9-times baked bamboo salt. The bamboo salt quickly became popular in Korea and there was a huge surge in its demand. This led to the birth of Insanga the company that industrialized bamboo salt for the first time in 1987.

K-Lava Bamboo Salt goes through a sophisticated manufacturing process that gives it its unique potency. To prepare this salt, the primary requirements include sea salt, bamboo, pine, clay soil, and a cast-iron furnace. The sea salt must be stored for more than 3 years to remove Bittern from it. It is then put into bamboo stumps sealed with clay soil and is baked over pine tree firewood in a cast-iron furnace at over 1472 Fahrenheit degrees. The baked salt powder is sealed into another fresh bamboo stump and is baked again. This process is repeated 9 times. After baking 9 times with the bamboo completely combusted, it proceeds to a Lava Melting process, where the salt boils like lava at over 3092 Fahrenheit degrees. This is a key part that results in infusing beneficial minerals into the salt.

The 9-times baked bamboo salt, K-Lava Salt Original 9x provides all 55 essential minerals. Another big aspect that differentiates K-Lava Salt from ordinary salt is its antioxidant, alkalizing effect. For example, there was an experiment where steel bars were put in different kinds of salt solutions. After 10 years passed, the steel bar in K-Lava Salt Original 9x was preserved just as clean as 10 years ago, while the steel bars in other salt solutions became severely rusty and oxidized. Oxidation is similar to aging in the human body. 

As a wellness product company, Insanga is continuously seeking ways to evolve its portfolio and benefit more consumers. The company also runs a wellness hotel surrounded in a forest where you can take green shower and experience Korean food made with bamboo salt. 

“Our bodies are exquisitely balanced by nature. However, due to environment pollution and unhealthy lifestyle, this balance is often disturbed, which leads to diseases. In particular, when the balance of minerals is disturbed, it can result in serious health issues,” explains Yoonse. “We highly recommend choosing bamboo salt to maintain the balance of essential minerals and of acid-alkaline in our bodies.”

The company has made sure that its eCommerce site is user-friendly and easy to navigate for retail shoppers. Buyers can browse through products listed on the site and view detailed descriptions and benefits. They can conveniently place their orders online. 

Yoonse strongly believes that honesty and integrity are the answers when it comes to winning the hearts of health-conscious consumers across the world.

Insanga is committed to bringing exceptional health benefits to its consumers by continuously investing in the research and development of new products based on its proprietary knowledge and formula. Led by visionary management and with an unparalleled commitment to improving consumers’ health, Insanga is set to evolve into a successful global company.

About K-Lava Salt

K-Lava Salt is Korea’s No. 1 bamboo salt that is 9 times baked with a lava-like melting process. It is projected to bring immense health benefits and a great mild taste by creating a perfect balance of essential minerals and of acid-alkaline in the human body. To produce it, five elements are required: Sea Salt, Bamboo, Pine, Clay Soil, Cast iron Furnace.

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