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BFMeta & Aptos Gather in Seoul, South Korea, becoming a hot spot for Web3

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BFMeta & Aptos Gather in Seoul, South Korea, becoming a hot spot for Web3

March 09
20:25 2023

On February 1, 2023, Aptos held the first “Hackathon” competition in Seoul, with more than 180 developers participating. On February 24, the first station of BFMeta’s “Global Brand Tour” was also held in Seoul, which seemed to become a hot spot for web3 in February.

Why are the top public chains keen to make brand appearances in Seoul?

South Korea is known as the “Crypto Crazy City”. According to data, one out of every three young Korean people is buying crypto. In addition, in the proportion of CEX traffic, South Korea is now second to the United States, and is the second largest country in the world in the proportion of CEX traffic. It has an absolute advantage in the number of crypto users and market share. In addition, Luna Event not only caused heavy losses to South Korean investors, but also made the entire crypto ecosystem in South Korea extremely depressed. South Korea’s huge user community also needs a “top public chain” to promote the prosperity of the crypto ecosystem.

Which is the better top public chain?

APTOS has been the darling of capital since its birth. A16Z, Coinbase, Binance, Multcoin and other crypto investment institutions have invested in it, and it has attracted the attention of the entire crypto industry by means of high valuation and high financing. In terms of team, the main members of Aptos come from the original staff of Diem and have excellent technical development ability. In terms of language, Aptos is based on MOVE language programming, with higher security and flexibility. Although the performance of APTOS  fell short of expectations and it has been questioned by many people after the launch of mainnet, the development of the public chain often takes a long process, with strong financial strength and strong technical reserves, and the follow-up performance of APTOS is still worth looking forward to.

BFMETA is a Metaverse super public chain based on the world’s leading open source blockchain Bioforest Chain operating system. After seven years of research and development, BFMETA has applied for more than 100 patents, which is currently the most innovative technology in all mainstream public chains. 

In terms of team, the ecology initiator of BFMETA is George Fitzgerald. Smoot Professor, the Nobel Prize winner in 2006, together with many engineers from Apple, Google and other companies, has joined the ecosystem. In terms of technological innovation, BFMETA is the only public chain of mobile end in the world and the only large block public chain. It can support NFT on-chain storage. The measured TPS is also up to 100,000 transactions/second. BFMETA is far ahead in data and innovation. After the launch of its mainnet, it is hoped that the prosperity of its ecosystem will bring more surprises to crypto users in South Korea and the world.

After Terra Event, there is an urgent need for a new protagonist to lead the South Korean crypto market out of the low tide. Whether BFMETA or APTOS, it is a wise choice to enter the South Korean market. We will wait and see who will lead the development of the South Korean crypto market in the future.


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