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Crazy Mars Squirrel – Continue the Narrative of Next-era NFT

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Crazy Mars Squirrel – Continue the Narrative of Next-era NFT

March 24
23:13 2023

NFT applications are in high demand on the market. While the current mainstream narrative adopted by many PFP NFTs is unable to tackle the difficulties head-on, the narrative paradigm for the next-era NFTs has been formally unveiled. Crazy Mars Squirrel NFT, with its debut win on OpenSea (ranked 1st in trading volume and popularity), re-activated international markets, delivering positive value and investment effects for both investors and businesses.

While the majority of NFTs currently on the market serve as “barcodes”, what really carries value is the goods and services that are behind the barcode. How can NFT change the positioning from “barcodes” to “genuine useful products with economic value”? As a proponent of altruistic thinking, Crazy Mars Squirrel takes high-dimensional digital civilization as the entry point, concentrating on creating an ecological value narrative that is fueled by cultural spirit, organizational governance, and commercial actions.

Cultural Narrative: Out of Digital Poverty & Leading Digital Civilization

Rapid digitalization around the world has welcomed the Web3.0 age. When Metaverse is highly sought-after, people are gradually transitioning to a Metaverse era where digital and reality are blended. As the leader of the digital civilization, Crazy Mars Squirrel stands for the escalated human imagination of a high-dimensional society. On the other hand, people are perplexed by the lack of certainty concerning future development and are in urgent need of emerging from digital poverty in order to embrace the changes of the times with the aid of the community. This is partly caused by the challenging cognitive upgrade required by the migration to digital civilization in the Web3.0 era as well as the need to further explore Metaverse application scenarios. In such a case, Crazy Mars Squirrel, as a representative of high-dimensional culture, effectively satisfies people’s affectionate wants in the digital age.

Furthermore, Crazy Mars Squirrel utilizes the DAO governance mechanism to co-create an ecological culture, providing people with an energetic digital upstart community. In Crazy Mars Squirrel DAO, every NFT holder is authorized with the commercial licensing of the relevant NFT. Based on this, members are encouraged to develop new storylines, so that a diverse universe with engaging civilizations can be formed. So far, a growing number of exceptional entrepreneurs, investors, and digital talents have joined in the ecological co-construction, constituting the valued community in the progress of Web3.0.

Business Narrative: Pioneering Ecological Construction & Building a Closed Business Loop

Commercial implementation has been the biggest bottleneck for current NFT projects, let alone the release of “killer” applications. Surprisingly, in just a few months, Crazy Mars Squirrel has established multi-dimensional partnerships with 20+ global brands in the fields of sci-tech, medicine, real estate, agriculture, consumption, health services, and other industries, creating a vast commercial network. When forging its core competitiveness, Crazy Mars Squirrel has also laid the groundwork for the market to enter the next stage of explosive growth, for businesses to fully embrace Web3.0, and for investors to properly establish a foothold in value investments. Meanwhile, Crazy Mars Squirrel is fully prepared to build a truly interactive Metaverse with implementable financial, entertainment, cultural, and social scenarios to promote an interconnected ecology.

To highlight, Crazy Mars Squirrel has established an NFT-based closed value loop, which with continuous empowerment to the business ecosystem will have enriched application scenarios while continuously deflating NFT circulation.

To date, Crazy Mars Squirrel has built its distinctive strength with its original 1:1 Business Ecosystem Model, in which each unique Crazy Mars Squirrel NFT is exclusively authorized to be used for one company only. Additionally, Crazy Mars Squirrel will support authorized companies in all aspects from brand upgrading, and marketing, to ecological services. Enterprises can draw on the brand influence of Crazy Mars Squirrel to connect like-minded people in the global Web3 community and access new markets. Based on this Business Model, Crazy Mars Squirrel has secured partnerships with more and more reputable enterprises. With the constant expansion of its business territory, the Crazy Mars Squirrel project has had an increasing number of NFTs locked as the brand assets of associated companies. As a result, the number of NFTs circulating in the market is deflationary, and their price is growing steadily, creating higher-value highlands. From the perspective of the market, Crazy Mars Squirrel is a great asset for value investors in the age of digital civilization, as it accelerates the migration of traditional enterprises to the Web3.0 era.

Web3.0 is like a nascent little world. It should be one of the key missions of every NFT project full of positive energy to bring the digital civilization of Web3.0 to people struggling in the Web2.0 era and guide them to the Web3.0 world. Embracing Web3.0 is in line with the demands and requirements of social development for those living in the Web2.0 era while also dealing with the quickly changing times. As an innovator of this age, Crazy Mars Squirrel has grasped the requisites of the times. While advancing digital civilization and pushing boundaries, it also planted a fire that will revolutionize the NFT market.




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