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Facing the great potential of eco-finance, AMCAP Group seizes WEB3 opportunities

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Facing the great potential of eco-finance, AMCAP Group seizes WEB3 opportunities

May 02
17:09 2023

In the development of the financial sector, asset upgrading makes the role of wealth management more and more obvious. In the current era of big data, the wealth management model is also upgrading. Wealth management has changed from closed management to open management, and then to digital, information and electronic management. Nowadays, WEB3 elements in technology and finance are also a part of digital development. Speaking of digital development, people have to mention digital assets. Hong Kong officials said that they would allocate huge sums of money to accelerate the development of the WEB3 ecosystem and set up a virtual asset development task force.

The market research department of AMCAP Group said: “The current policy has brought very important confidence to the integration of the WEB3 industry into wealth management, which is generally good for asset management institutions. All links in the financial industry are closely related. Large international asset management institutions are happy to hear the news that WEB3 promotes the development of digital economy.

As one of the most powerful capital markets in the world, Hong Kong’s WEB3 has a good development atmosphere framework and obvious advantages of top financial and technical talents, which makes Hong Kong an ideal place to create digital economy and technology applications, especially in the real financial wealth management business. The market research department of AMCAP Group said that AMCAP Group’s own business field also includes digital asset wealth management services. If you want to completely cut into the financial business of WEB3, you may need to constantly update and combine the fast-developing cutting-edge technology of WEB3. Therefore, AMCAP Group is also trying to keep pace with social development faster and better, and keep ahead of the times.

The market research department of AMCAP Group said that the new asset management ecology can not only support personalized portfolio generation, but also benefit protection is a key factor. AMCAP Group had in-depth cooperation with the international technology company ECAP platform many years ago, which is close to the commonality of WEB3 ecological finance mentioned above, that is, transparent and safe asset whereabouts and true data. Generally speaking, the current international asset management industry has been greatly improved. The prosperity of asset management will be more and more spectacular. While he development of the industry will bring great opportunities to wealth management institutions, AMCAP Group will pay attention to the progress of the industry.

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