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World’s First 3D Printed Underground Bunkers Go into Full Production

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World’s First 3D Printed Underground Bunkers Go into Full Production

May 09
23:08 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada – 3D has announced the full-scale production of the world’s first 3D-printed underground bunkers, which utilize 3D concrete printing technology.

Founder Brad Morehouse has been developing this technology since 2017 in conjunction with the 3D concrete printed homes industry. The two industries are very similar, but the main difference between the two industries is that 3D Bunkers have to reach deep down into a fourteen-foot excavated hole which is very challenging. Major advancements in 3D concrete architecture have made it possible to build 3D concrete bunkers with dome-vaulted ceilings which are structurally superior.

Unlike traditional bunkers, the 3D Concrete Bunkers are printed on-site in a deep excavated hole covered by a large tent, making the bunker completely undetectable. The tent is placed over the printer to ensure privacy and maintain a controlled environment to fully cure the polymer concrete. The bunker walls are sixteen inches thick and consist of two separate concrete polymer reinforced walls connected to each other. These innovations are a worldwide game-changer ahead of any bunker system at half the cost.

The 3D concrete bunkers can be built in approximately 36 hours on-site, while metal bunkers take four to six months to build. Metal fabrication costs over 10 times the cost compared to a 3D-printed bunker. In addition, 3D printing technology allows for various artistic curves and design patterns at no extra cost to the consumer, making the possibilities endless. Moreover, 3D bunkers can create multiple rooms and tunnels to provide personal space and added security in just a few hours. Mankind has never been able to create a safer, more affordable underground bunker with such beautiful designs.

This new 3D technology has made it possible for families and individuals to protect themselves against increasing threats from world catastrophes, such as solar flares, wars, viruses, or civil unrest.

3D bunkers will offer territorial franchises, including the 3D printer, starting in August 2023. Visit to learn more about this exciting new technology.

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