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Hynd Bouhia’s new motivational book “African Girl, African Woman” encourages girls to choose STEM and women to take on the digital world

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Hynd Bouhia’s new motivational book “African Girl, African Woman” encourages girls to choose STEM and women to take on the digital world

April 15
23:54 2021
Hynd Bouhia’s new motivational book "African Girl, African Woman" encourages girls to choose STEM and women to take on the digital world
Hynd Bouhia’s first book is getting amazing reviews as it celebrates the central role played by women in the digital transition and in boosting the economy. The challenge is to get more girls to choose scientific paths and to be introduced early on to computer science and technology. Thus, after several years of experience at the World Bank and in different leadership positions, Hynd Bouhia is encouraging women and young girls to become tech-savvy, to power up and to get ready to lead.

The world has completely changed this past year becoming all digital and relying primarily on technology, artificial intelligence and networking.  The sanitary crisis exacerbated the situation making e-commerce and digital transactions the main survival recipe for companies and businesses. This trend will carry on as new economic perspectives are shaping up and bringing big hopes to business owners, entrepreneurs and corporates.  The question is how could women play a part in that new trend? How can we ensure more women in technology and in the digital world? How can we prepare and empower women to launch their own digital business and embrace technology?

Hynd Bouhia shows in her new book “African Girl, African Woman” how it all starts at the education phase and depends on the trainings that complement it, in addition to confidence building and nourishing the capacity to lead. Thus, preparing women and empowering them through the right programs and also through access to inspiring women role models, will get them ready to embrace technology and navigate through this fourth industrial revolution.

The challenge is to get more girls to choose scientific paths and to get introduced early on to computer science and technology. Nevertheless, computer science remains largely a man’s world, with few girls steered in that direction, or earn programming credentials. This said, by staying enrolled through university, especially in STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – fields, the African girl has a positive impact felt throughout the larger community. Her personal and private strength binds the social fabric, enhances public integrity, builds technological capacity and yields economic gains for the entire continent’s economic development.

Several statistical analyses have evaluated the many ways women add value to, generate knowledge in, and create new products or processes for the vital field of science. But despite ongoing pressure to boost their presence, women still represent a small minority of researchers. Today, we’re starting to get a better understanding not only of why, where, and how their numbers remain so low – but also how much is lost with their absence from field or laboratory and from innovation and technology. Hynd Bouhia is calling all women in her new book to improve their skills and knowledge, so that they can contribute fully to the development of her community and to economic growth. For that several programs, networks and initiatives have been launched to support women in technology, encourage girls to code and to choose STEM, and to find inspiration and passion in the digital world.

There are several women leaders and role models who have been successful in the technology sphere and who managed to rise through the corporate ladders and beyond the glass ceiling. These women leaders in tech are inspiring role models for all women around the world to look up to.

Let us join Hynd Bouhia in encouraging women to becoming tech-savvy and to power up and be tomorrow’s leaders.


About Dr. Hynd Bouhia

Dr. Hynd Bouhia has cumulated more than 20 years of professional experience in high-level leadership positions. She was nominated by Forbes among the 100 most influential women and most influential Arab women in Business, and honored as a member of the Johns Hopkins Society of Scholars. With a Harvard PhD, an Engineering degree from Centrale Paris, Hynd started her career at the World Bank in Washington before joining Morocco’s Prime Minister and Casablanca Stock Exchange as the Managing Director. She structured several investment funds before launching the consulting firm Strategica, and just published the inspirational and women empowerment book Africa Girl, African Woman in English and in French.


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