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The Ancient Towns in Yunnan Province Hiding in Time

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The Ancient Towns in Yunnan Province Hiding in Time

April 17
13:59 2021

Yunnan has many ancient towns, such as Shaxi, Heshun, Jianshui, and Dukezong. With the spring breeze passing through and everything reviving, it’s better to visit these ancient towns in Yunnan Province and enjoy the town’s old charm.

Shaxi Town

Apart from Dali, Lijiang, and Shangri La, few people know that in Yunnan’s spring-like scenery, under the majestic Cangshan Mountain, there is a quiet old town, Shaxi Town.

The history of Shaxi town can be traced back to the Spring and Autumn and Warring State periods of China. It is the only surviving ancient market on the ancient tea horse road. Sideng street is the soul and core of Shaxi Town. It is a thousand-year-old market integrating temples, ancient theatres, shops, horse shops, hundred-year-old trees, old roadways, and village gates.

Shaxi Town is different from any other ancient town. It is a quiet, simple and exquisite ancient town. It is located in Jianchuan, Dali, Yunnan Province. It is between Dali and Lijiang, but it has different tranquility from the noisy city of Lijiang.

Dukezong Ancient City

Dukezong, which means “castle built on stone” in Tibetan, is also called “Moonlight City”. It has ancient town fireworks comparable to Dali and Lijiang, but it is quieter than them, just like a paradise in the world.

Dukezong ancient city is located in Shangri La County, Diqing Prefecture. It was built in the Tang Dynasty and had more than 1300 years. It is the best-preserved and largest Tibetan residential group in China, and it is also an important town on the ancient tea horse road.

The ancient city is built close to the mountains, just like a utopia, carrying many people’s dreams. Walking in dukezong ancient city, standing on the street, the air is fresh, the sun shines through the wooden house, casting the mottled shadow on the deep of the lane, walking into any lane, the original residents on the side of the lane sit around the street at will, or bend down to busy in the fireworks life, walking on the uneven stone road, feeling comfortable The unique local conditions and customs of the ancient city, stop to stay, listen, will be intoxicated in the shallow chant of Sanskrit.

Shuanglang Ancient Village

Shuanglang town is located in the northeast of Dali City, surrounded by mountains on three sides and facing the sea on one side. It is a typical Bai fishing village town with beautiful scenery.

There is only one broad main street in Shuanglang ancient town. On this street, houses are scattered along the way. There are occasionally some old people lying on their reclining chairs to bask in the sun in front of the shops. Walking along the side lane for two or three hundred meters, their sight suddenly becomes clear. Erhai Lake is sparkling in the sunlight, and the seawater is clear. You can still see the water when you look at it carefully. When you are tired of walking, you can find a seaside cafe, sip your coffee, listen to the waves of Erhai Lake, and meet the most beautiful twin corridors.

Shuhe Ancient Town

Compared with Lijiang, Shuhe ancient town always gives people a gentle feeling. In the ancient town, there are almost the same color of green tiles and black bricks, cornice painted buildings, old houses, old wooden veneers, dark red paint, old stone bridges, mottled stone slope roads, continuous clear water, and water plants swinging back and forth with the current, depicting the ancient simplicity and nature of the ancient town.

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