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Depurate impurities with Homa and start the Hindu New Year on positive note

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Depurate impurities with Homa and start the Hindu New Year on positive note

April 19
13:36 2021
Depurate impurities with Homa and start the Hindu New Year on positive note Homa/Fire ritual

In various countries across the world, the tradition of proffering votive offerings into the holy fire dates back to the early periods of human civilization. This ritual of votive offering is well known as the Homa ritual. The Sanskrit term, Homa, refers to the oblations made to Lord Agni (fire) through holy fire. The offerings include – food grains, seeds, ghee, wooden sticks, etc. According to religious beliefs, fire is an intermediary between humans and the lord. The most appropriate time for the homa ritual depends on celestial events (such as Navagraha position, monthly lunation cycles, etc.). The Vedic homa ritual is amongst the most compelling of religious customs because it summons the burning up of the delusion, ignorance, and obstacles that abstain us from the divine realization as well as self-realization. 

Hindu New Year and the Homa ritual

The Hindu followers observe the Hindu New Year on the first day of Chaitra month (mid-March to mid-April, according to the Gregorian calendar). The day is also commemorated as the festival of Gudi Padwa and the first day of Chaitra Navaratri. Apart from this, the day is also celebrated as Ugadi, South Indian New Year (in the states Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh). 

For an occasion such as the Hindu New Year, Homa can be the perfect way to start the new year with a positive note as it is well known that Homa is the easiest way to please the Gods and seek their blessings. Astrobhava has been a one-place solution for performing various kinds of Homa’s, Pooja’s and Japa’s. Their experienced and well-educated professionals are a key advantage which makes them reliable. They offer various kinds of Homa, each according to the specific need of the client. For instance, in the time of Covid Pandemic, Danvantri Homa is a profound option as Lord Danvantri is the God of health and medicine and conducting Danvantri Homa blesses everyone with health and safety. Further, at Astrobhava, all the rituals are conducted by experienced priests in a holy environment, where the clients also get the privilege to watch everything on LIVE streams.

There is no better way to start a New Year on a positive note than performing a Vedic Homa ritual to have a better year ahead. Book your Homa with us at 

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