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Major Breakthrough: InfiRay® Released the World’s First 8μm Infrared Camera Detector, Leading Thermal Imaging Technology

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Major Breakthrough: InfiRay® Released the World’s First 8μm Infrared Camera Detector, Leading Thermal Imaging Technology

June 09
01:53 2021

Lately InfiRay® successfully developed the world’s first 1920×1080 8μm uncooled infrared camera detector. Breakthroughs have been made in a series of core technologies such as low-noise readout circuits, high-uniformity VOx films, sub-wavelength light absorption structures, and small pixel self-heating effect compensation. With higher spatial resolution and improved ability to capture moving targets, it has become an important milestone in the development history of uncooled thermal imaging technology.

Upper: 8μm Wafer from InfiRay®

Lower: Real-time Thermal Image by 8μm 1920×1080 Infrared Camera Module

InfiRay®’s Thermal Imaging Technology Development History

InfiRay® is focusing on the research and development of thermal imaging technology. Its product series include infrared camera detectors, thermal modules and thermal imaging cameras which are well known for their high sensitivity. Those products are widely used in various scenarios such as epidemic prevention, industrial temperature measurement, security, outdoor night vision, and automobile night vision.

InfiRay® is committed to technological innovation and 48% of its workforce are focusing on research and development and they have more than 662 patents in total. In the past 8 years, InfiRay® has realized 8 important iterative upgrades of thermal imaging detector pixel sizes from 35μm, 25μm, 20μm to 17μm, 14μm, 12μm, 10μm and today’s 8μm.

In 2020, the ASIC image processing chip independently developed by InfiRay® replaces the traditional thermal imager FPGA solution. It has the characteristics of smaller size, lower power consumption, and higher performance. It meets the requirements of new generation infrared camera detector SWaP3 (Size, Weight, Power consumption, Performance and Price).

Back in 2019, InfiRay® released the world’s most advanced 10μm high-definition infrared camera detector, becoming the second company in the world possessing 10μm uncooled thermal imaging technology. Now, InfiRay® has set a new record again and released an 8μm infrared camera detector, filling the gap in global research and development.

“Ultra Clear”, the World’s Leading Thermal Imaging Technology from InfiRay®

At the core of every InfiRay® thermal imager, there is an infrared camera detector engraved with “InfiRay®”. It means the world’s most advanced thermal imager independently developed by InfiRay®. It can not only provide ultra-clear thermal images, but also capture farther hot targets.

The InfiRay® R&D team is composed of senior engineers in various technical fields such as integrated circuits, electronic materials, MEMS sensors, packaging and testing, and thermal imaging algorithms. InfiRay® has mastered the core technology of high-performance thin film and thermal imaging industry integration process through continuous research on MEMS sensors and thermal imager detector VOx materials.

Exclusive Matrix III Algorithm from InfiRay®

When an infrared camera detector captures heat from an object and converts it into a signal to form a thermal image, the physical absence of the infrared camera lens may cause unevenness in the image outcome. In order to solve this problem, InfiRay® has developed an integrated algorithm called Matrix III to enhance the original thermal image to improve the visibility and feasibility of object recognition. In addition, the Matrix III patented algorithm will compensate for blind spots that appear during the imaging process. Therefore, the final thermal image will show more contrast and completeness. The patented algorithm of Matrix III infrared camera detector can not only realize the above-mentioned functions, but also show the detail and definition processing based on thermal imaging technology.

Future World with Breakthrough of 8μm Infrared Camera Detector

Infrared devices tend to be smaller, smarter, and easier to integrate. The breakthrough of 8μm infrared camera detectors will drive new market demand and promote the wider application of infrared thermal imaging in mobile phones, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, autonomous driving, consumer electronics, smart homes, security and other fields.

It is learned from the official website that InfiRay® released the P2 Infrared Camera for Smartphone in 2021, which can be directly connected to a mobile phone. It’s only 9 mm wide and 9 grams in weight. After entering the 8μm era, the size of infrared camera detector is getting smaller and smaller. Therefore, the high-definition infrared camera can be perfectly integrated into the mobile phone. What miracle will it bring to our lives in the near future? Let us look forward to the next surprise together.

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