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Comprehensive PROTAC Services Boost Drug Discovery

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Comprehensive PROTAC Services Boost Drug Discovery

January 11
17:41 2022
Along with the increasing demand for supportive technologies in novel drug development, Creative Biolabs’ PROTAC service is accepted by academic or industrial customers worldwide and largely boosts drug research.

New York, USA – January 11, 2022 – Proteolysis targeting chimeric molecule (PROTAC) is deemed as an alternative to the traditional molecular drug discovery method since it engages the body’s natural protein disposal system to selectively degrade disease-causing proteins rather than concentrating on controlling protein activity. On account of its broad prospect, Creative Biolabs has been striving to perfect the PROTAC service package for years. Currently, it owns a complete set of technologies including PROTAC design, PROTAC in vitro evaluation, and PROTAC in vivo animal tests.

As the very first stage of initiating PROTAC projects, PROTAC design and the corresponding services receive tremendous concerns from technicians of Creative Biolabs. With Continuous efforts, the experienced team has established a PROTAC design service platform including ligand design for target protein, ligand screening for E3 ligase, and linker design and optimization.

The present studies reveal that PROTACs with distinct chemical linker types, locations, and lengths have different efficiencies for target protein degradation. Considering the significance of PROTAC linkers, Creative Biolabs allocates great amounts of energy to linker design. Thus far, multiple linkers of Creative Biolabs, such as PEG linker, Alkyl linker, and “click chemistry” linker, have been employed in PROTAC ternary complex formation. Additionally, Creative Biolabs extends its techniques to PROTAC linker optimization through which both the length and position of linkers can be optimized and customized in accordance with distinct requirements.

When the PROTAC projects step to the latter stages of development, it is critical to conduct PROTAC in vivo animal tests that can investigate the safety and potential of the drugs. In this field, Creative Biolabs owns a broad collection of test services such as in vivo ADME.

ADME studies aim at accurately assessing pharmacokinetics and pharmacology for absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion of potential candidate drugs, hence uncovering the possibilities of them being pushed into clinical trials. After the long-term devotion, Creative Biolabs exhibits potent competence to launch varieties of in vivo ADME studies by radio-labeled materials either from clients or synthesized through different administration routes. Moreover, it keeps enriching the in vivo assay platform to contain the maximum scope of animal models and administration routes. “Backed by state-of-the-art techniques and equipment, we have faith in making more contributions to ADME tests and ultimately to lead candidate selection, lead optimization, preclinical testing, and clinical practice,” a senior technician said at Creative Biolabs’ annual meeting.

Characteristics of Creative Biolabs’ PROTAC Solutions

* Overall PROTAC services

* Specialized and skillful technical personnel

* Well-equipped facilities and factories

* High efficiency and reliable quality

About Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs is a technical group committed to assisting in novel drug discovery and engineering. Through years of hard work, it has built a comprehensive PROTAC service platform and outshined in the field of biotech. The full services which range from molecule design to evaluation, from off-the-shelf products to individual customization will certainly fit diverse demands for drug discovery and motivate its progress.

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