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The Unrivaled TRON Ecosystem: Will TRX Be the Most Valued Crypto of 2022?

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The Unrivaled TRON Ecosystem: Will TRX Be the Most Valued Crypto of 2022?

January 22
06:37 2022


New York – 2021 undoubtedly marks a banner year for crypto platforms on all fronts, as the prices of BTC, ETH, and many other cryptocurrencies all shot up to record highs. As 2022 unfolds, however, what follows the overly dramatic market rally has proved to be renewed pressure.

Despite the tumble across the board, TRX has managed to buck the downward trend—according to CoinMarketCap, the seven-day price surge of TRX marked 4.9% on January 17.

Even Vitalik Buterin, Founder of Ethereum, sees TRON as his toughest opponent. In a Twitter poll he published on January 14 saying “You wake up in 2035, and 80% of all transactions + savings in the world are in one currency that is not ETH. Which would you prefer it to be?”, TRON leaves all other cryptos in the dust, racking up 51% of the votes. Is it another testimony to Justin’s marketing genius or TRON’s competencies?

Growth by Hundreds of Millions

As an old Chinese saying goes, skyscrapers can only be built on solid groundwork. In other words, without the cement required to lay the groundwork, nothing can be built. Throughout 2021, Justin has reinvented himself as a blockchain leader with serious clout, as can be told by TRON’s metrics on all fronts.

In the ranking of “Top 10 Chains by TVL Growth in 2021” published by CryptoRank on December 30, 2021, TRON posted a TVL growth of a staggering 7900%. Its TVL has once surged past $14 billion, dwarfing all other players in the global public chain race. In the hotly contested DeFi race where success is primarily measured by TVL, the higher it is, the merrier. Judged by this metric, TRON has become one of the industry’s mainstream DeFi protocols.

The total number of transactions and contract calls on TRON has also surged by hundreds of millions on the back of this momentum. Specifically, the total number of transactions and contract calls on the TRON network rose by 1.31 billion and 540 million in 2021, respectively. 

In addition, TRON also doubled its account addresses and the volume of TRX burned before 2021 ended. The number of TRON accounts tripled from 17.95 million in early 2021 to more than 72 million by January 17, 2022. The amount of TRX burned by TRON has also attracted industry-wide attention, which grew by 8.2 times from 181 million in 2020 to 1.49 billion TRX in 2021.

Such remarkable achievements do not come simply from Justin’s savvy marketing strategy.  Looking back to 2021, the two overarching themes to describe TRON’s journey are ecosystem and compliance.

Justin Does Not Need Marketing

Those who follow TRON closely would know that it has yielded fruitful results on all fronts in 2021. The most impressive of all is the exponential growth of TRON-based stablecoins. In 2021, the daily transfer volume of TRON-based stablecoins peaked at $26.18 billion and averaged $11.91 billion, bolstering TRON’s new vision to become the future Global Human Settlement Layer.

The circulating supply of TRC20-USDT in 2021 once exceeded 39.9 billion, while the number of its unique addresses increased by almost 8 million, all of which wouldn’t have been achieved without Justin Sun.

On top of that, cross-chain connectivity, DeFi, and NFT fields have seen fruitful outcomes. For instance, BitTorrent Chain (BTTC), a cross-chain solution, is now live, and SunSwap, a decentralized exchange, represents a leapfrog innovation in the DeFi field. As for NFT, Justin Sun’s massive endeavor in it speaks for itself.

TRON has seized each and every opportunity in the latest tailwind. During the meteoric rise of the metaverse in 2021, Justin Sun quickly spotted that the integration of NFTs and the metaverse was the winning strategy in this field. TRON’s virtual complex has been completed in Cryptovoxels. Designed and constructed by MetaEstate, the famed real estate developer in the metaverse, TRON’s buildings came on the heels of Superare and SpaceX to be another gallery featured in Cryptovoxels.

Speaking of compliance, Justin Sun has made one bold move after another. On September 17, 2021, TRON launched Valkyrie TRON Trust with its strategic partner Valkyrie, a US digital and crypto asset management firm. Later on, TRX ETN (VTRX), launched by the world-leading asset management firm VanEck, was listed on Euronext in Paris and Amsterdam with trading enabled.

TRX Is on Track to Be the Next Darling of Crypto Investors

Looking back at 2021, Justin Sun has his mission completed, and the three-year-old TRON has developed the world’s biggest decentralized autonomous organization, inaugurating a new era of full decentralization. TRON has officially started a new chapter. Justin says, “As a member of the TRON Protocol community, I will back TRON’s endeavor in decentralization as always, and developers and friends in the community will also support the TRON ecosystem, a decentralized autonomous organization, with joined efforts, thus powering the growth of TRON Protocol.”

It is worth noting that a solid foundation will deliver tangible benefits to TRX, which holds immense potential in its value as it is underpinned by TRON’s robust public chain infrastructure and a powerful ecosystem, and applied in a wide range of use cases.

According to DefiLlama’s stats on January 17, among the top 10 blockchain platforms by TVL, TRON has a relatively small ratio of Mcap (market cap) to TVL. It should be pointed out that the smaller the ratio is, the more undervalued a blockchain platform is, which exactly proves that TRX is highly undervalued.

Biding its time for an extended period, TRON’s public chain is in a better position to power the creation of more applications thanks to its constantly optimized performance. All these factors will turbocharge the prosperity of TRX in 2022. As an outgrowth at a specific stage of the evolving blockchain industry, TRON hopes to eventually achieve completely autonomous and coordinated decentralization, which takes more time.

Justin posted on Weibo that, “Looking back on the past eight years, we sometimes failed to meet your expectation for not making the cut in the industry, but our failures had nothing to do with poor attitude or willpower. As the founder of TRON, I want to reassure you that we are fully responsible for the TRON ecosystem, the six TRON-based tokens, and our blockchain cause. We will represent the Chinese people to gain a foothold in the global blockchain industry! 2022 is just a prelude!” ​​​​


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