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With an emphasis on innovation and empowerment, AMCAP Group prioritises technological innovation

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With an emphasis on innovation and empowerment, AMCAP Group prioritises technological innovation

March 24
17:29 2023

Asset managers around the world are upgrading their innovation platforms in light of the fact that “big data security and intelligent systems” are the two most important buzzwords in the digital transformation of the asset management business. AMCAP Group, a top financial management firm, has reported the successful conclusion of its “Innovation Enablement” project. To improve digital finance and provide new avenues for growth, AMCAP has integrated its massive client service system into the cloud, employing cutting-edge financial technology to reimagine the account structure of wealth management.

Both asset management firms and wealth management platforms can benefit greatly from embracing digital transformation. Jointly issued by the People’s Bank of China and the CBRC, the “Financial Technology Development Plan (2022-2025)” seeks to “show the way” for the digital transformation of large financial management companies like AMCAP Group, whose pioneering experience in international integrated operations and AMCAP Group’s experience in international integration and its success on the international arena will also serve as a reference for other financial institutions. There is no denying that technological progress and the liberation of digital assets depend on intelligent transformation and digital development. Safety and trustworthiness in the face of increasing intelligence are the primary concerns.

AMCAP Group believes that intelligent transformation provides a solid basis for businesses to realise digitalization in its entirety. AMCAP Group is dedicated to integrating technology with wealth management business scenarios, and has done so by increasing the business’ digital capability to a relatively advanced level. This means that every step of the process is digitalized, human emotional intervention and interference are avoided, and risk prevention and resolution are always prioritised.

AMCAP Group predicts that the asset management business will continue to see the emergence of top-tier firms in the future, with positive long-term financial consequences for investors thanks to smart policy and development trends. AMCAP Group intends to continue investing heavily in technology and innovation in the future to boost its R&D and competitiveness.

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